5 Alternatives to Google Adwords Keyword Tool

In the age of Digital Marketing, things are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. There are many forms of Digital Marketing such as email campaigning, PPC(Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization) etc. Almost all forms of Digital marketing is keyword centric. Keyword is the trump card that basically sets apart the winners from the … Read more »

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5 Tools to monitor Negative SEO

Negative SEO techniques can be broadly classified as any tools or techniques used by rival competitors or others that has the potential to harm your own Site traffic, divert or block your reputation and web authority. Negative SEO is associated to many things by many people and there is no complete right or wrong in … Read more »

SEO Practices and Social Media Association

Talk about previous years’ SEO and only thing which did matter was lots and lots of link building. Life was simple back then with no fear of spam penalties, no mind-game in creating strategies and no varying objectives for the task. Single motto was to get most number of links. But dear readers, time changes … Read more »

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How to use Search Engine Marketing for better ranking?

In recent years, search and internet marketing has become a household name for every marketer. Being on the top page of the internet search engine means more clicks which leads to more calls and eventually more sales. In today’s aggressive competition, every businessman and marketer wants their website page to be there. There are two … Read more »

Insights on Domain Authority and Its Role

Every website wants to have a high domain authority on the world wide web. But what is the so called domain authority and why every established and establishing websites are behind it. What is its definition, its purpose, its need, its role and what makes it so much demanding? What? Domain authority is the name … Read more »

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What kind of link building practices you should avoid?

Link building lies at the core of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that actually play a role in getting those top search engine ranking positions. Apart from the ever so important on-page optimization schemes we use to rank high on Google searches, link building develops a foundation above which your long term SEO strategy resides. … Read more »

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Link Building myths that keep fooling SEOs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has its myths that have been evolving over the years. Be it on-page, off-page or link building practices, myths and legends have always clouded the SEO knowledge-sphere, which is why webmasters must clear their minds and move on. Inbound marketing tactics are constantly changing and so are modern link building trends. … Read more »

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