5 Tools to monitor Negative SEO

Negative SEO techniques can be broadly classified as any tools or techniques used by rival competitors or others that has the potential to harm your own Site traffic, divert or block your reputation and web authority. Negative SEO is associated to many things by many people and there is no complete right or wrong in that arbitrary discussion. So the simplest and the most effective way to identify this is as I had mentioned above.

Negative SEO can impact anyone and everyone and is often not so apparent to the naked day-to-day analyzing process. Thankfully there are tools available on the Internet that can help you track and monitor any dubious or threat worthy activities and put a stop to them with the help of these tools. Here are a list of some of the best tools that I often turn to, when the need arrives.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is the most sought after tools by the website owners.

GWT has alerts you to evidence of spam-ware and malicious infections that are found on your website.That is, ifanyone hacks your website, Google will immediately mark it as infected in search results and send you instant notification via email once you have registered on the Tool.

GWT will also alert you to manual link penalties. Also, should anyone ever launches or even has launched a negative SEO campaign against your firmby implying low-quality links, GWT will alert you to manual link penalties. In this way, you will be notified soon about any mal activities and can take immediate action to rectify it.


Illustration 1: Google Webmaster tools (Source:technians.com)


2. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is like an electronic private-eye. This tool would help you track any firm who is working on your SEO campaign and give you detailed reports as well as send you a daily recap of all the new links that have been put on the web regarding your website.




Backlink Monitoring system (Source:seo-hacker.com)


3. CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO is the General Physician who helps you to diagnose any ailments your website is going through. Quite practically, it analyzes your website and all the in bound as well as outbound links and reports any and every bad, harmful or misleading links that are related to you and your website.

Once identified, you can take immediate action by having them removed or disavowed before they can cause any further harm to your website’s reputation in search.



Tracking Backlinks (Source:websiteadvantage.com.au)

4. Trackbacks

Trackbacks tracks down any content that has been stolen from your website by using internal links as well as tracings from your CMS platform.



Trackbacks helps track stolen content (Source:edu.ithemes.com)


5. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is best used for Reputation Monitoring. That is, it will send you notifications regarding any post, updates or news about a brand, product etc. that you have been monitoring yourself so as to keep you up to date with all the possible information there is.




Google Alerts (Source:blog.hiremyparents.com)

In Conclusion

Negative SEO is a real and ever present danger of the cyberspace. It can lead you to ruins without you even realizing where it came from. Its always a good idea to monitor and track all possible activities so as to stay prepared. After all, isn’t prevention always better than cure?