Search engine optimization primarily deals with attracting traffic to the website. However, that is not enough for an online business. Traffic needs to be monitored to gain insights on the origin of users, what pages they are interested in¸ duration of their stay on the page and which pages they navigate away from the website. A tab on these gives a fair amount of idea to the website owners as to what more needs to be done to convert the users into customers.The service of monitoring the website traffic holistically is called Analytical Service and in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica & Los Angeles is an expert that you have been looking for to take your website far ahead of your competitors.

Team at SEO & Internet Marketing Firm Crocuss with years of expertise and skill sets is a place to look for solutions related to website traffic monitoring. We help you target your existing visitors for conversion for a minimal cost. With a few changes to the website we aim at inspiring your visitors to complete the online form, sending you an email or placing a phone call to you (ideally).

The process of Analytical Services is all about learning what factors make a website click and the reasons that are posing as obstacles and driving potential customers away. Little bit a design change, can improve the traffic to a website considerably. Our team evaluates your website to tackle technical, design and communication concerns to identify the areas for improvement in the following:

  • SEO
    We check whether:

    • The site has been properly optimized?
    • If keywords and the content on each page match each other?
    • Are the styles being used properly?
    • Are there any hidden keywords?
    We ensure that:

    • The design is appropriate, professional, sophisticated and industry friendly.
    • The calls-to-action are clearly identified.
    We find out if:

    • There are technical barriers to search engines transforming your site.
    • Dynamic content supports the search engines.
    • The website loads quickly.
    • Organization of files is conducive to easy management.
    We keep a tab:

    • Is the information reaching the visitors quickly and in no time.
    •  Where the visitors are and navigate place-to-place.
    • If forms and dynamic content are logically organized.
    We look out:

    • If the copy is written in the language of the customers.
    • If content is relevant and targeted at web users.
    • If it contains keywords.
    • If tables and bullets are used appropriately.