Blue Print of Using Hashtags and The Significance

To know why hash tag is important and how to use it, one must understand what it is first. Maximum of people already know about it but not the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their usage. If seen the basics, words and phrases on social media websites are preceded by a hash symbol (#) to tell the audience the specific topic of the post. Anything added after the hash (without using spaces) in social media becomes a hash tag.

Examples: #SEO, #WeWillWin, #Think_big, #WhatIsTrending.

As in the examples, there is no rule of creating a hash tag. It just should be readable and usable. Leave it with a word or a phrase or two words or more than that, use capitals or don’t use capitals – just make it easier to read. The fundamental reason of their creation is that people just should be able to follow a specific conversation. Originating over Twitter, the trend has taken over almost all the major social sites including Google+, Facebook and Instagram. To understand it better, compare the hash tags with top search engines. In both the cases you get the results relating to the search you put.

Effect of # Hash Tag in SEO and its importance

We all are aware of the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is not limited to keywords and link building anymore. The network has gone bigger.

  • # Hash tag in SEO allows you network by conversing in your business expertise. It helps you to learn and connect more efficiently.

  • Live events promotions are very much useful for businesses, in view of the fact that a large part of the audience accesses the event through social media. This is a great way of live interaction and promotion. Stay live and keep sharing your thoughts and news for better results.

  • Hash tags are invaluable in creating valuable connections and blogger outreach.

  • What’s trending is not just for fun. Their intelligent use is significant for the business.

  • Keeping a tab on trends let you speak when your expertise is trending. For example if you are a doctor, how could you not use health topics to build your image?

  • The relationship of marketing campaigns and hash tags is impeccable and one of the best ways of brand awareness.

  • If you are the organizer of the event, you can know very easily what kind of experience the audience is going through. These days collecting happenings, images and news of running events from social media is too common. Marketing is best where the crowd is.

  • A great way to socialize and interact with people holding the common interests. Either you are having fun or marketing your brand, get as creative as you can to kick start a discussion.


Hash tag is the best of the methods if you want to be searched and stay connected with your audience. You just can’t avoid hash tags in events, SEO, and campaigns (online and offline) these days if you want your business to do well. 

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