e-Commerce or electronic commerce is the process of conducting business online. It involves a systematic procedure to sell products and services over the internet to the users who are mainly online shoppers.

The business of e-Commerce is a serious one. Numerous other entities venturing into the industry on similar trade lines is only making the competition tougher for existing enterprises. Online businesses heavily bank on their visibility on popular search engines. Higher the listings better the chance of earning good revenues.

Static and e-Commerce web sites are different in character and so are their SEO needs. We understand this difference and therefore offer target specific SEO services for our clients to increase sales through enhanced e-Commerce SEO, social media marketing and paid search.

Key elements to pump up the SEO effect

  • Site Architecture and User Friendly Design
    Google is the ultimate storehouse of information that every seeker aims at. If you don’t show up on Google you don’t exist in the world. And we make that happen for you. We use SEO tricks that only list you on Google but list you above your competitors.
  • Landing Page Optimization and Dynamic Templates
    Template design of the landing page does the talking for your work and services. We make that first impression memorable for you through our specialist landing page optimization services. we design templates that are attractive and place content such that it appeals to your clients instantly.
  • Link Popularity and Trust Building
    Trust plays an important factor to popularize your website. No website can flourish if the trust factor is missing. We develop competitive e-Commerce keywords for your website so that you develop more trust than your competitors online. We use only ethnic methods like social media marketing, online promotions like press releases, guest blog posts, articles, contests etc. to create that trust for you.

Why Us?

We are transparent in our approach in dealing with client. We, unlike many SEO companies, do not contain provisions for hidden fees and termed contracts. We have measurable results to back and support our work. We document our work in an organized manner and produce the same as and when the need arises. We do not use unethical or inorganic means to achieve our goal.