Facebook is a cult. The social networking website has become a rage for its unique applications and services that sets the perfect stage for an individual and corporate entity to promote itself. Considering the fact that Facebook is used by a large number of people, it becomes an ideal platform for online marketers to project themselves and showcase their products and services to a sizeable audience group under one roof.

As a Social Media Marketing company Crocuss.com understands the power and stimulus of the website hence works and streamlines its campaigns in a manner that our clients benefit the most. Facebook is visited by half a billion Facebook users and thousands of online communities to choose from.

We offer specialized marketing services to capture the opportunity. We realize the power that social networks posses. Their power to influence buying decisions is incredible. And we understand this fact completely. We therefore design social media marketing campaigns to generate greater visibility and brand image.

How we create your Facebook presence:

  • Create Facebook Profile
    We create an attractive Facebook profile for our clients’ that represents them as an entity on the internet. This is the first step in helping you build relationship with your clients.
  • Add Profile Picture
    To establish you as a genuine entity we add the logo of your company alongside your profile. This helps the viewers establish connect with your business.
  • Add Friends
    We set the process rolling for you. After creating the profile we ensure that everyone associated with you gets to know of your online presence. Therefore we help you add friends and increase visibility.
  • Wall
    Wall is the main platform to interact, discuss and debate on topics actively or passively related to you.
    Photo Albums and Videos
    Photos and videos are a great way to display the latest collection of your product. These albums must be updated on a regular basis to let your consumers know of the upcoming launches.
  • Fan Pages
    We design Facebook Pages, also called as Fan Pages to establish your genuine presence on the networking site.
  • Groups
    We assist you in creating Facebook Groups that allow people to come together around a common cause or activity to express their views. One of the best features of groups is the ability to send messages directly to members’ Facebook inboxes
  • Events
    Facebook events let you team with your users and customers for any event organized on the networking site and we initiate this to spread awareness about you.

How Crocuss.com uses Facebook to your advantage

Social Media Marketing is in its initial stage and has not yet spread its wings to the fullest. As such we take the privilege to use this as an opportunity to experiment it to your advantage.

Methods that we use for Facebook marketing:

  • We help you be unique and update our Facebook profile on a regular basis.
  • We tag fans in pictures as a strategy to gain you publicity.
  • We create exclusive Landing Pages for you to reflect you in good light.

We use other methods like rewarding loyal supporters, using contests and polls etc to keep you in the limelight always.