How to use Search Engine Marketing for better ranking?

In recent years, search and internet marketing has become a household name for every marketer. Being on the top page of the internet search engine means more clicks which leads to more calls and eventually more sales. In today’s aggressive competition, every businessman and marketer wants their website page to be there. There are two celebrated methods for doing so – SEO and SEM – none of which is least important. Metaphorically speaking they are like pills for the different ailments of your business.

If you own a website and administrating it, you most likely have heard about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Are you familiar with the difference? If you don’t, you must recognize now as knowing how they differ is extremely important. It helps you in allocating funds and choosing to spend money on different campaigns. SEO deals with organic search results where SEO managers make your website reach on top of the engine searches by the use of accurate keywords relating to your business. Where on the other hand SEM is all about choosing the right keywords to do the investment for advertising and get appeared in the paid results.

Technically if both search engine optimization and search engine marketing are used coherently, nothing could be more beneficial to online promotion. Discussing only SEM here, no matter what the sales target or goals or KPIs are, paid searches have become a fashion and undeniable need for any business. However, you will meet many marketers who don’t believe in these campaigns, but the SEM industry is growing at a fast pace.

In amidst of everyday changing trends of search engines, it is neither straightforward nor trouble-free to run a successful internet marketing campaign. A small change in the rules and policies of leading search engines can push your website several pages behind. How can we not remember ping which became a nightmare for many companies dealing in link buying? The famous strategy back then proved to be a huge disaster post the update.

Where on one side, the SEM industry is booming with pass of the time, a report says that nearly 75 % of top SEM claim that their campaigns underperformed or just met their expectations. What could be the solutions for effective search engine marketing? This is what we are going to talk about here, today!

An ideal SEM campaign consists of following mechanism:

  • Choosing the powerful Keywords: I often get statements from SEM executives that despite all the efforts and strategies, their campaign couldn’t do well. What is often wrong is the choice of keywords. Although common sense, yet very crucial to select appropriate keywords which relate directly to your business. For more pay per clicks, set keywords which are more likely to be searched by users. Mistake in picking words will weaken your SEM campaign.


  • Precise Targeting: What happens if you and your products have a presence in Los Angeles and you are present in the search results in China? Disaster is the word you are looking for. That is why geo targeting comes into picture. There are several ways to customize your target cities or zip codes where you want to target your advertisements.
  • Cut down wasteful timings: Similar to TV, it is suggested to day part your advertisements. Identify the time when conversion rate is high and also when conversion is minimal. Cutting down the times when there are hardly any users searching for your product will eventually reduce the costs of your campaign. This prospect is often under seen by SEM strategists.
  • Focus on sales along with the PPC: This happens very often that despite a good number of pay per clicks, sales remain down. Then what is the use of getting those clicks at all? That is why one needs to be cautious while selecting the landing pages. Landing pages need to be set in order to convert clicks into sale.
  • You can’t idealize: Once done is not done yet! You will have to keep optimizing keywords and budget weekly and monthly for satisfactory results. Keep assess of all the components including geo targeting, landing pages, budget and others for maximize the result of SEM campaigns.

SEM practices are a decade old now. Use discovered methods along with experimenting new. New SEM and SEO software keep coming and going in the market, hence the in depth knowledge of the process is must to land success.