Insights on Domain Authority and Its Role

Every website wants to have a high domain authority on the world wide web. But what is the so called domain authority and why every established and establishing websites are behind it. What is its definition, its purpose, its need, its role and what makes it so much demanding?


Domain authority is the name given to the expected performance of a website in search engine ranking. Or you can say, it is the rank given to a website based on its performance in the search engine results. It is the ranking figure that represents the whole website based on many factors. It is an indicator how well the entire domain is going to perform when a relevant search is executed.


The domain authority helps to compare one site with another. The domain authority of a website is the figure that determines the website’s competitiveness in the whole internet domain. On one hand, where the figure gives you the difference between two websites, it also gives the insight of a particular site over time.


Good websites have high domain authority. It is, therefore understood that having a high figure will put a website in the top levels. This is the reason why DA is so much in demand when it comes to online marketing. Achieving the highest DA is a never-ending race.

The Figures

Domain authority is always measured in figures ranking from 0 – 100, i.e. a website can never have DA less than 0 or greater than 100. And it is worth mentioning that like in schools, getting DA from 0 to10 is much easier as compared to getting from 80 to 90.

Page Authority Vs Domain Authority

Domain authority measures the expected performance of the entire domain, whereas page authority, of a particular page.

They employ the methods

A brief note

Domain authority is measured on the basis of various factors that are themselves variable. DA is a varying figure so, it is better to use it as a competitive measure rather than an internal SEO measure.

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