We are expert in providing Internet Marketing services for Santa Monica & Beverly Hills region in Los Angeles that also offers valuable services to clients who are based all around the world. The online marketing services that we provide are challenging, compelling and competitive. We use various organic methods to produce affirmative results that get our clients Business.

We follow a systematic approach to plan an effective internet marketing campaign for the clients. The expert team at Crocuss works hard to convert the volatile web market situation into their favor. Our campaigns have successfully transformed many businesses into flourishing entities. We are responsible for pulling a lot of companies back to light from their state of obscurity.

The definition of Internet marketing has changed in the current marketing and market context. It no longer refers to driving visitors to the websites or having a user click on the mass mailers. It has moved miles ahead. It now is about converting a visitor to a lead.

Crocuss does everything in its capacity as an ethical internet marketing company to ensure that our services boost the business of our clients to a large extent.

While there exist many Internet marketing companies, we pride ourselves as a reliable, experienced and skilled company that offers internet marketing solutions at an irresistible price.

Online Marketing Services that we offer are:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is the process of making an online business enterprise visible to the maximum number of users looking for similar information as provided by this entity. We use SEO services to better the positioning of businesses on search engine result pages (SERP).
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is that platform which enables people from across various parts of the globe to network with each other. Social media is thus increasingly becoming an integral part of the online business marketing strategy. We use popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. to brand our clients so that maximum number of users is able to notice their presence.
  • Pay Per Click Management: Pay Per Click or PPC Management is nothing but an online advertising method that we use to popularize our clients over the Internet. PPC campaigns are in the form of small text ads and require the advertisers to pay only when visitors click on the ad and are then directed to the website.
  • Local Listing Optimization: Local Business listing optimization is the process that is meant to attract users to the website hence increase the user traffic. We help list or submit our clients on various listing websites so that prospective consumers are able to find them with ease while looking for them online.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Websites that businesses create are intended to attract traffic. Every time a user visits the website to buy something, may either choose to log out or continue with the purchase process. This process can be tracked statistically. Whenever a visitor buys something from the website he becomes a customer. This process is called conversion. We monitor this whole process and help client’s increase the rate of conversion through various techniques.
  • Online Reputation Management: Online Reputation Management is the process of branding the clients image online. We help monitor the content that is directed towards the clients therefore, maintain an optimistic image online, help accept criticism positively and keep a record of the feedback that the business receives.
  • SEO Content Writing: SEO is the process that gets a website list up on search engine rank pages. Search engines are obsessed with text and use the text as parameters to rank the website on top of the result pages. Therefore we offer text or content that is unique, enticing and industry specific. We use content writing as a powerful tool to get clients the much needed ranking that they crave for.
  • Analytical Services: Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting websites rank up on the result list that appears on result pages of different search engines. However, online business needs more than just that to improve its visibility and traffic level. The number of users, where they originate from, their interests, time spent on a web page etc all needs to be monitored closely. We do that for clients to present the larger picture in front of them.