What kind of link building practices you should avoid?

Link building lies at the core of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that actually play a role in getting those top search engine ranking positions. Apart from the ever so important on-page optimization schemes we use to rank high on Google searches, link building develops a foundation above which your long term SEO strategy resides. The more trusted high authority back links your site has, the more its Google trust score improves that eventually reflects in the rankings!

Keeping the basics aside, link building remains the most exploited rank manipulation scheme that we sometimes usually refer to as Black Hat SEO techniques. Spammy link building processes led Google to roll out its Penguin updates, and in the light of upcoming Penguin 3 update, let’s take a look at link building practices that we must avoid at all costs.

Paid Links

Paid links are dangerous, in fact very dangerous. If you have a number of paid links in your website‘s back links profile and somehow one of those links belongs to a spammy link network that Google finds out and penalizes, then your website’s rankings will fall as collateral damage. Imagine years of SEO work down the drain within minutes with nowhere to go to take cover. All rankings, all traffic gone in whisker!

That’s what paid links could do to you.

Stay away from them.

Link Exchanges

Many webmasters don’t know the gravity of link swapping or link exchanging schemes for building their back link profile. You link to a site and they will link to yours – this simple practice of exchanging links can land you in big trouble. Usually the sites you are exchanging back links with belong to a shady underground black hat link network, and hence any links created on those sites makes you susceptible to a Google penalty.

Google’s search quality algorithm is quite adept at noticing link exchange and link purchase patterns. So my advice would be to maintain distance from such dangerous link building strategies.

Article Directory Submissions

Submission on article directories in exchange for a back link remains a controversial topic in SEO. They don’t usually do much for your rankings and could put your site in a dangerous place, if Google decides to bring down article directories in the near future.

That may not necessarily happen, but should you take the risk!

We love high rankings, don’t we? Anything that could put them in danger needs to be avoided.

Press Releases

Press releases were never meant to be back link building agents, but webmasters started exploiting them to full extent. Press releases are tempting because they have their own syndication and content distribution networks that help in getting more back links.

When done in a reasonable and relevant manner, without doing excessive press release distributions are fine. But low quality press release distributions with direct keyword in anchor text can be dangerous. Avoid press releases in such cases.

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