The era of digital media is high on gadgets, accessories, computers and smartphones. Many researches in the bygone year predict the year 2012 to be the year of mobile phones. Mobile phones have carved a niche for themselves in every individual’s life. It is highly impossible even for an ordinary man to think of his life minus a phone. Phones no more just act like phones. They have replaced desktops and laptops as there is hardly anything that can’t be done on a phone.

From writing emails to browsing to making presentations et al smartphones offer a variety of applications to the users to play with. Music, movies, internet, chatting, messaging and more is what a smartphone has to offer to its smart users. In the mist of these high end applications we however, tend to forget that it is the hard work of millions f mobile app developers around the world that allows us to live a wireless life on the go.

Mobile application developers are much sought after people in this digital age. After all they are the one who use their innovative instincts to create magical applications for us. We at have a team of dedicated mobile application developers who constantly endeavor to create a masterpiece for our clients. We are the ones you should look forward to when the need to develop a new mobile app arises.

Mobile Application Development process consists of:

  • Design
    • Kick off kit
    • Process flow
    • Wireframes
    • UI design
    • Storyboard
    • Developer kit
  • Develop
    • Review developer kit
    • Build infrastructure
    • Demo of ALPHA
    • Provide BETA
    • Final release
  • Market
    • Consultation
    • Social networking tools
    • Website development
    • Search engine optimization

Developments that can be done on mobiles include:

  • Games
  • Asset Tracking
  • Website for Mobiles
  • Business and Sales Application
  • Banking and Finance
  • Productivity Application
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Time and Materials Tracking Applications
  • Work Order Management
  • Networking/Bluetooth Apps
  • Widgets
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Theme, Mock, Icon Design for Mobile Applications
  • Web Service Integration