Brand image and goodwill are a gateway to good online business. Crocuss invites you to promote a positive brand image of your company through our Online Reputation Management service. Bank on our proficiency to manage positive online image, cope with criticism in good spirit, and monitor content directed towards your business and track feedback about the company’s performance on Online Reputation Management.

Online reputation management or monitoring is the process of monitoring the reputation of a person, brand or business online. It helps in curbing negative publicity that hurts business interest due to decreased visibility.

  • Online Reputation Management is the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating search engine result pages and web content.
  • Online Reputation Management involves keeping an online track of the info online Reputation Management about a client.
  • Online Reputation Management uses sophisticated online and offline techniques. It aims at promoting positive content and brand name of the client.
  • Online Reputation Management works towards pushing those pages to the end that carry negative content about clients. This way negative content is accessible only to a few visitors.
  • Online Reputation Management helps repair damage done by posting negative content about our clients. It thus promotes positive environment.
  •  Online Reputation Management is related to search engine optimization and uses many techniques similar to it.

Features of Online Reputation Management:

We design customized Online Reputation Management tools for our clients that help them stay alert about negative content circulating online. Besides we help polish the image of our clients to gain visibility and generate traffic. Some of the features of Online Reputation Management that Team Crocuss provides are:

  • We keep our clients in the loop while developing Online Reputation Management tools and weave the applications around their needs.
  • We stick to our goal such that our clients benefit the most out of the applications created for them.
  • We manage our clients’ content in the Online Reputation Management of text, images and videos.
  • We cater to the online press release distribution, blog marketing and social media marketing.

We set up monitoring tools to remove any unwarranted content appearing on the top ranks on search engines.