Crocuss is a trusted name in the industry with a wide range of clientele adding colors to its portfolio. We don’t just deliver success but spread smiles through our endeavor to excel the expectations of out esteemed clients.

We value companionship therefore strive to work with all our clients in the future as well.
We look forward to your participation in our reseller/partner program so as to enjoy the benefits of this mutual association together.

Reasons you should associate with our Reseller Program:
  • We are a leading agency portal in the world.
  • We offer cost effective packages and solutions that do not pinch or add to the overburden of your expenses.
  • We prepare customized private label reports to correspond the requirements of your company/agency.
  • We believe in upholding business privacy and confidentiality. We sign an agreement to state that we will maintain privacy and contact any of your clients.
  • We help you be economical and provide you with complete pre sales support.
We are looking for reseller/partners for:
  • Companies looking for Private Label Search Marketing Services to include SEO, PPC Management and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Companies seeking SEM partner for the Franchisee Model.
  • Channel partners who can assertively pass on referral business as Affiliate Partners.
Private Label Service

Private Label products and services are the ones manufactured or offered by one company to the other under another company’s brand. Positioned as lower cost alternatives you bring in clients and outsource all the work to us. In short we bill you and you pass it on to your clients. This process is confidential and no third party would ever know that Crocuss was involved in the project.

Advantages/Benefits of Private Label Service/Reseller Program:
  • Free Sign Up
    We don’t charge setup fees. Charges apply only when the work on the project starts.
  • Pre Sales Support
    We entertain all pre sales inquires.
  • Confidentiality Maintained
    We value privacy therefore keep our identity hidden from your clients. During interaction with your clients our team poses itself as a member of your company.
  • Private Label Reporting
    We work on your brand name prepare and send them in your brand name and logo.
  • Priority Support
    We value your companionship therefore our team offers support to all inquiries from you and your clients at any given point in time.
Crocuss Franchisee

Connect with Crocuss as a Crocuss franchisee to provide your clients the best of services in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Send in your initial leads to us and we will close the sales for you.

Benefits of Crocuss franchisee:
  • You have a powerful brand name associated with you.
  • Pre sales team helps you close sales.
  • Our goodwill makes things easier for you.
  • Market in a particular region.
  • You don’t need any certifications to partner with us.
Crocuss Refer A Friend

It is a simple and easy process that is also a great way to earn money. Sign up with Crocuss Affiliate Program and using the form therein, refer Crocuss services to friends. You benefit from Affiliate Commissions earned from every sign-up from a friend/referral.

Feel free to contact us as and when you need assistance and we shall give help you with details.