Search Engine Optimization popularly called SEO is a technique that aids the search engines like Google to find and rank your website above many others as a response to a victor’s search query. Essentially it is a powerful marketing tool and a method that attracts user traffic to a website.

Search engine optimization is the reason why many websites list on top of your website on the page of a search engine. Search engines are text driven. The process of search engine optimization constitutes of driving traffic to a website from free, organic, editorial or natural listing of search engines.

It is the art of getting a website to work better with popular search engines and to look for attainable and beneficial ranking opportunities through appropriate keyword research. It is aimed at making a website visible to the users when they punch in keywords looking for specific information on the internet.

Search engine optimization involves:

  • Good copy.
  • Quality link.
  • Domain trust.
  • Social popularity.
  • Search engine connectivity.

Search engine optimization is all about writing good content. To rank higher on popular search engines the content must attract links.

Components of search engine worthy content are:

  • Keyword focused.
  • Link worthy.
  • Sound structure.
  • Relevant and unique.
  • Linkerati appeal.

Higher ranking websites are rich in content that is keywords focused.

Keywords focused content focuses on:

  • Headlines.
  • Bold keywords.
  • Title tags.
  • Body text.
  • Outbound links.
  • Variations.
  • ALT attributes.

What makes content link worthy:

  • Useful resource.
  • News breaking.
  • Useful research.
  • Controversial.
  • Humorous.

Content structure of a good search engine optimized website includes:

  • Short paragraphs.
  • Images/graphs/charts.
  • Headlines.
  • Spelling/grammar.
  • Natural flow.

Search engine optimized content should contain:

  • Industry news/events.
  • Innovative and crisp text.
  • Different angles.
  • Valuable opinion.
  • Stick to the topic.

The search engine optimized content should appeal to linkerati through:

  • Social media.
  • Search trends.
  • Social networking.