SEO Practices and Social Media Association

Talk about previous years’ SEO and only thing which did matter was lots and lots of link building. Life was simple back then with no fear of spam penalties, no mind-game in creating strategies and no varying objectives for the task. Single motto was to get most number of links. But dear readers, time changes and new trends are formed.

Let me inform you beforehand that if yours current SEO company is focusing only on link building and ignoring the social media, you most likely would prefer switching to other options as the desired results can’t be achieved by merely traditional SEO practice. Social media presence is important today for any business small or big.

There is also a notion running that SEO is ruled out by social media which I will call hearsay. Yes, the importance is unavoidably gigantic of social networking for businesses; SEO still has its roots entangled as we still look for websites using search engines. Just that social media has become one of the key factors of SEO, indexing content online. Following pointers will tell us why what I am saying is right.

  • Shares are new Links: Not that the importance of link building has gone anywhere down. Links tell the search engines importance and popularity of your website. The superior the quality of the links, the better are the rankings. The change which has altered the traditional link building trends is the new updates which penalize the spammy or illegitimate links. Hence the links are created using the original content. People on social media share your links for free if they find it helpful and genuine. The number of shares on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others media, signal the Google and other top search engines the credibility of the website. The main idea of social networking in business is to have personal connection with real buyers, therefore, always post yours most compelling content on social sites.

  • Speedy Indexing: How is the idea if yours content reaches Googlebot consideration in two seconds rather than two hours? I know an extremely engaging talk and no major science and just the social media can make this happen. It is doable to make your links viral on the social sites and by doing this search engines not only index these links in the top rankings but also in a shorter period of time. The factors which decide the index timing are number of tweets a content receive, credibility of the sharers and the time frame in which all this process happens. You must have noticed the news stories by top publishers coming on the top page in minimal time.

  • Quality connections over the quantity: The ranking doesn’t always depend on the number of friends or followers a business page has but the number of quality connections. This helps to find out that the one sharing the content is a trustworthy and realistic source and not with lots of spammy followers.

  • Boosting the keyword use in a balanced tone: Prior warning: don’t overdo this! Search engines do take into their account the company’s name and bio. Try using the important keywords in all content you post but this doesn’t mean that you stop posting relevant information. The key rule is yet the quality.

  • Improved domain ranking: Search engines appreciate the fresh and updated content on your website and this is true in the case of social media too. With every share you get for your content on social sites, the domain authority of your website is raised. DA drives more traffic to your site which eventually raises the credibility for long term business. I don’t have to say this but we all know that SEO is all about fetching more and more traffic.

  • Work done without penalties: We all are aware of the strictness by Google for spam links and bad content. With social media you can increase sharing of your website without the fear of being penalized. Social sites allow you to build real, natural and authentic links which search engines love and reward.

The conclusion of the story is that low quality and traditional search engine optimization can no more help you in business. Social media is a great way to generate audience and increase sales. Get social and enhance your SEO.

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