Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process that involves garnering visibility for a higher ranking of websites on search engine result pages. Crocuss is a Professional SEO services company and we offer quality services to our clients.

Our team of SEO experts follows a methodically planned strategy to implement various steps that have been carefully designed to benefit the clients’ business. The SEO process at Crocuss is intended to maximize the performance of websites on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AltaVista etc.

We however, alter our strategy that varies according to the industry and nature of business that the client’s deal with.

We have broken down the SEO process into easy steps which are as following:

  • Initial Website Analysis
    The SEO process at Crocuss starts with the analysis of clients’ websites. Our Team SEO reads through the website in details from technical perspective to determine the problems with the website (if any), whether there is a need to add fresh content and best ways to create an effective Landing Page.
    If Landing Page exists, the team concentrates on making it more effective to divert traffic to the website and convert visitors into fans. The team therefore, looks at SERP to determine the actual status of the website and devices methods to deal with it accordingly.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor analysis is a very important part of the SEO process. Looking into competitors’ websites to understand their nature of work and where they appear on SERP helps our SEO team with their research. We believe finding true competitors is a must for us to set a benchmark and structure the right kind of strategy for improving results.
  • Setting Your Goals
    Post the initial and competitor analysis, next step is to set the goals. Setting goals may not always be an easy job especially when there is a client involved. The goals that the Team proposes may not suit the requirements of the client. Therefore to avoid such a situation it is better to involve the client from the scratch. Getting the client’s input, understanding their wishes and vision to success, from the start, helps save time and lets us create an effective goal plan.
  • Keyword Research
    An existing website already contains ranking keywords that may not necessarily be the right ones. Our SEO team members take the responsibility of undertaking research and compiling the suited keywords that match the requirements of the website. The team also ranks the keywords with the appropriate pages. Once the list of apt keywords is finalized, Crocuss then works to modify the content to strike a balance between keywords and the Landing Pages. This plays a vital role before starting with the link building process.
  • Onsite Correction
    This step precedes link building. Onsite correction is all about getting the technicalities right while doing SEO for a website. Team Crocuss is focused and makes sure the onsite functionalities are doing well. This is indeed the toughest part involved in the SEO process. Too many errors, large websites etc can completely exhaust an SEO executive. Onsite correction demands in depth concentration to ensure that everything from navigation to URL structure, titles, redirects and inner linking is just perfect.
  • Link Building
    Link building is one of the very essential procedures in the SEO process. Link building involves targeting key phrases for the desired pages. Our SEO experts identify the right linking opportunities and connect them through mediums like email and social networks. The goal of link building can also be accomplished through slower approaches of commenting on blogs and gaining the preferred attention. However, one point to be remembered during all throughout is the link consolidation of all existing backlinks. Link consolidation can lead to surprising results by effectively improving website rankings.
  • Reassessment
    Reassessment of the work done is the last step and a must. Our SEO experts take a break of a month or the desired time period before reassessing the work done and its results. Reassessment helps take a look into the website rankings achieved during the period post SEO.  Reassessment lets The SEO team take a picture of the real situation in terms of goal achievement. This method lets us compare the goals set and the goals achieved and also let us scale the targets in a realistic manner. It gives inputs on which parts to focus more and how to proceed next.

After working on the standard SEO process, implementation is the next crucial thing waiting in line. Proper implementation is necessary to ensure the success of the website.