Travel is a recreation that only refreshes the customers but also gives them to visit and explore different places on the globe. With so many customers opting to choose travel as an invigorating medium to break free from the routine, online travel portals have much to rejoice.

With the growing needs, the need to optimize a travel portal has become equally important for an online travel agency. There is competition all around and every other travel portal is in the lookout to consume your share of profit in the industry. We at crocuss with multivariate testing and behavioral targeting unleash the truths about your website.

With our Travel portal optimization service we let you convert your browsers to consumers in a short span of time. It is important to note that a travel agent or agency earns business through visibility to his website on the search engines via the process of optimization.

Crocuss with its dedicated service enables airlines, hotels and travel and hospitality companies to look up and experiment your online content.

Benefits using crocuss services:

  • Crocuss lets you test, target and optimize promotions along with cross-sell offers.
  • We let you optimize website side search and booking engines with the help of ¬†strong energetic content testing and targeting capabilities.
  • We help you measure Web 2.0 behavior like Ajax and RIA.
  • You can track and optimize visits to your website based on value per conversion and value per visit with our dedicated service.
  • We help you target travel related content and offers based on behavior or geography.

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