Valuable Suggestions for SEO of eCommerce Websites

With so many popular eCommerce websites like Amazon, it has become very difficult to create a recognition in eCommerce world. The competition to get high rank with the search engines is becoming more arduous with each passing day. To realize its dream of becoming a sole associate on the internet, Google has started to remove those eCommerce sites which suffer from poor quality and useless content. Today, this search engine is not paying attention to the products only, but for the content of the site as well.


A number of factors may hinder the progress of an eCommerce site towards better ranking. Some of such factors are duplicate content, shallow copy and large product catalog. Google considers these things very seriously. If you want to tackle these difficulties perfectly, you must take services of an efficient SEO company. SEO professionals are familiar with the functioning of the Google, so they prove to be of great help in popularizing the site.

Here are some tips to invigorate the SEO campaign of your eCommerce site-

  • Keep Panda Happy– After Google’s Panda update, all commercial sites are required to put good quality content on their sites to get noticed by this giant search engine. The content should be full of information so that it doesn’t waste precious time of the users. Also it should be unique. Moreover, Panda keeps on looking for those sites which don’t pay attention to the norms established by Google like user interface, bounce rate, page layout etc. Also images and description of your products and services matter a lot to Panda. Try not to resent Panda, if you want to be visible to proposed customers.
  • Consider META tags and Keywords– The META tags are there to provide information about the information portrayed by a particular web page on the site. These tags mustn’t exceed 155 characters. The META description should be having most important and focused keywords. Good META tags can increase the volume of the visitors of your size by directing a lot of traffic towards it.
  • Display Your Products Sensibly– The method of displaying all the products offered has become an obsolete way. You must highlight those products and services which are in great demand. You must give preference to those items and offers which can make visitors keen to purchase easily. Your strategy should be to market trendy products instead of marketing all of them at once.

All above techniques can help you in pushing the ranking of your commercial site upwards. The visibility of your site depends entirely on its ranking and good ranking can be achieved only by keeping the above points in mind.